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    Booking Policies

    Sometimes schools need to make changes to their booking. We offer different options to assist with this.

    • Reduce the number of required presenters – no charge.
    • Reschedule the date of incursion – no charge.
    • Cancellation with more than one weeks notice – no charge.
    • Cancellation with less than one weeks notice will incur a 10% fee.
    Schools that decide to run more than one activity day (including multiple campuses) will receive a 5% discount.

    About your Ancient Day

    The following information can be discussed with you to formulate a tailor-made incursion for your school.

    How much time do you have available for this incursion?

    • (9:00am – 3:30pm approx.)
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    • (11:00am – 3:30pm approx.)


    We will work with you to ensure your activities are appropriate to your time and budget considerations, however, please indicate the sessions you might be interested in. Keep in mind a mix of Active (A) or Passive (P) sessions avoids boredom or hyperactivity. A description of each activity is available on our website.

    Preferred selection:

    Will your staff be running any additional topics?

    NB: Some of our presentations require the use of a Data Projector or screen.